Don't Puke! (PC)

Only a few will make it to the top! Join other players for a crazy ride in a new online, physics-based VR game with unique control mechanics. Explore the world around you and have fun!

Discover the vast, open sky island playground that will push your skills to the limit. The island is divided into different areas, each offering unique PvP or Co-Op mechanics. Climb and fly to the highest peaks of the island. Solve mini-puzzles alone or with friends. Mastering your cart control skills is essential to reach the summit.

The sky is the limit!


Players navigate the world using a special cart that moves according to physics principles. Additionally, it can boost, jump, and glide. Players steer the cart by grabbing and turning the wheels. Boost to move faster or ascend steep inclines. Jump to reach higher floors or vault between platforms. Or, spread your wings and soar through the air.

The game can be enjoyed in single-player mode or on one of the public servers for even more fun with other players.

The game takes place on a sky island, divided into several parts. Each part features a specific mechanic for PvP gameplay. The vertical section of the island presents a challenging obstacle course, ideal for single-player and even better in multiplayer co-operation. Utilize your cart control skills to ascend to the island's summit.

Players collect stars scattered around the island. Some are located in hard-to-reach places. Collecting all the stars signifies mastering the game. Each star collected grants a checkpoint, which can be used at any location. Use these checkpoints to teleport between interesting locations or to save your progress.

The game features online multiplayer, voice chat, and quick visual emoji reactions.







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Abril 18, 2024

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