Mutant Boxing League VR (PC)

Make your daily workout into something fun and become an unstoppable boxing champion!
Fight different boxers, each with their own unique boxing style and abilities.
Progress through the matches to unlock and explore new opponents, environments and gloves.
Boxing tutorials - learn how to attack and defend.
Learn how to effectively utilize special gloves like the power glove and speed glove.
Several minigames to master and compete with global highscores.
Try Challenges that unlocks unique boxing glove skins.
Our aim is to make training as enjoyable as possible. With open outdoor environments, different levels and opponents that all have the different abilities and skills, you will learn to be a better boxer. Boxing is not all about attack, but also learn how to block and dodge punches. And when or if you get knocked down, complete different mini-games in time, to continue the fight.

Now, let's play and become an outstanding boxing champion!


Filmic Studios


Filmic Studios



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Abril 12, 2024

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