Use our interdimensional satellite, iDGi-1, to inhabit the mind of a newly commissioned officer of the Consortium: an unparalleled peacekeeping force tasked with maintaining global unity while protecting the Earth's environment.

As Consortium Bishop Six, you will assume the role of an investigator tasked with solving a mysterious murder, unveiling concealed conspiracies, and navigating interpersonal relationships among the diverse crew with an innovative branching dialogue system. Consortium boasts a highly interactive narrative, empowering you to make choices that influence the story's trajectory while exploring the nature of trust and loyalty.

Introducing V.O.I.C.E: You may use your own voice to engage with a diverse cast of over 20 characters. Navigate a nuanced murder mystery with some potential action that makes up a deeply interactive, 6-10 hour campaign.
Freely explore the Consortium Command vessel C-3800-D ZENLIL. Decide to embrace diplomacy and navigate the narrative without ever even raising a weapon, or choose more violent approaches and utilize assault weapons to kill or incapacitate your enemies. Choose to talk to everyone or choose to be a person of few words.
Access an in-world Information Console containing over a hundred articles of alt-history, culture, geopolitics, character back-stories and general worldbuilding information.
Control an array of weapons, protective gear, medical equipment and more entirely via interactive screens that line your virtual arms.
Explore and play many different gameplay scenarios within the Virtual Trainer (VT) and even make your own VT levels with our built-for-VR VT editor! Share your levels with the world with built-in modding support.
Welcome to the Consortium.


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