Taxi Driver Life VR (PC)

We offer an exciting opportunity for those who want to experience real taxi driving! Taxi Simulator is a detailed simulation game that encompasses every situation a real taxi driver may encounter in everyday life.

In our game, we've included everything from ordinary daily occurrences to emergency situations. Managing the city's complex traffic system, meeting customer demands, making timely deliveries, and perhaps even experiencing a bit of adventure are all part of the experience.

The diversity of customers and the variety of tasks provide a different experience each time. Sometimes you'll transport hurried businessmen, other times you'll pick up fun-seeking young people leaving a nightclub, or maybe you'll guide tourists. Each customer comes with a different story and request, increasing the game's replayability.

Through the tablet inside your taxi, you can instantly access the vehicle's information and easily manage it. You can check the map to determine the shortest route, track customer requests, and even customize your vehicle.

Follow in the footsteps of a real taxi driver with realistic graphics, detailed vehicle controls, and dynamic weather conditions. Taxi Simulator allows you to experience the taxi driving profession down to the finest detail.

Try Taxi Simulator today to feel like a part of the taxi driving world on the city streets!

!!! Oculus controllers cannot be used unless set as the default OpenXR Runtime for the Oculus computer. Please enter the Oculus application, go to Settings, then navigate to General. Click on the option 'Set Meta Quest Link as active' located next to the OpenXR Runtime selection.If SteamVR is open, you also need to restart it. !!!





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