Astra (Quest)

Welcome to ASTRA, your ticket to the stars.

Embark on a mixed reality journey that transforms your room into a spaceship for a mission to the deepest corners of the cosmos. Following the research of your astrobiologist mother, travel in space and visit planets and their dark moons in the search for life. You'll try to uncover the mystery of life in the universe and make sense of your loss and grief. ASTRA blends storytelling, mixed reality and interactive design with stunning environments, guiding you through a deeply personal yet universal adventure.

Directed by the visionary Eliza McNitt behind the acclaimed virtual experience "Spheres", produced by the creative studio behind the Emmy-winning "Madrid Noir", and featuring the voice of Taylour Paige, ASTRA will open a breathtaking window to the cosmos right from your own home.

????Turn your home into a spaceship with MIXED REALITY and travel across our universe.
???? Discover stunning landscapes on Jupiter, Titan, Europa and more, all from the comfort of your room.
☄️Visit planets & moons and analyze their chemical signature to find the key ingredient for life in the universe
⭐Enjoy the fusion of storytelling, interactive design and beautiful cinematic sequences.

????SXSW World Premiere




Atlas V, Albyon