Real-Gostop VR (PC)

Dive into virtual reality to experience the ancient charm of Korea. The VR Go-Stop game transcends a mere card game, transforming you into a time traveler through a portal. Based on the rules of traditional Korean Go-Stop, this game offers a new dimension of experience by blending tradition and modernity through cutting-edge virtual reality technology.

The moment you put on the headset, you find yourself seated on the floor of a traditional Korean Hanok house, with an opponent dressed in traditional Hanbok spreading out the Go-Stop mat in front of you. The realistic 3D environment and immersive audio give you the feeling of transcending time and space, as if you're truly in that era.

■ Hanok (Traditional Korean House)

■ Abandoned Factory

■ Pavilion Next to a Waterfall

The gameplay is simple yet strategic. Using VR controllers, you select and throw cards, calculating scores. Each card is designed in a traditional Korean art style, allowing you to appreciate the beauty of Korean culture through the game.

However, this game offers more than just playing Go-Stop. In virtual reality, you communicate with other players and immerse yourself in matches set against the backdrop of traditional Korean music and natural sounds. The VR Go-Stop game represents a perfect fusion of technology and tradition, introducing the charm of Korean culture to people around the world in a new way.

■ It's a Korean traditional play in three different maps
■ Two platers can enjoy multiplayer
■ Play online with friends and other competitors
■ Your own virtual avatar can be created




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