Random Acts of Madness (PC)

Run for your life through the bright and stylish world of madness, rushing along the sky trail to rescue the precious Royal Offspring held within each increasingly difficult lair. It’s a race against time as every passing second drains from the longevity of your beating heart, so react quickly to the onslaught of obstacles that block your path forward in Random Acts of Madness!

Jog-in-place traversal for lifelike movement controls while remaining comfortable for those prone to motion sickness, leaving your VR barf bag feeling alone and neglected.
Stationary movement option for when you just don’t feel like running.
A bombardment of micro challenges on the way to each boss encounter.
Over 40 character cards to find and collect.
Unlockable vanity items to flagrantly express your true trail runner.
12 (and growing!) unique challenge types across 20+ levels of intense mini game madness.
More to come—STAY TUNED!


Silver Dice Games Inc.



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Abril 4, 2024

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