The Last Safe Place (PC)

BREAKING NEWS - The Ember Mountain Project. Swarms are preparing to be the first historians and researchers hoping to uncover glittering treasures and forgotten lore. So zealous are the candidates, even the most seasoned institutions of academia are losing their brightest minds to the siren's call. The reports from the Acheron Restoration Project boasts new discoveries at a fevered pitch, with plenty of openings for new explorers who don't mind the dirt!

Explore mysterious ruins, uncover fantastical marvels, and rediscover otherworldly beauty as you overcome ingenious puzzles. Part exploration puzzler, part escape room, and part horror adventure, the world of Ember Mountain awaits those with a creative mind and an adventurous spirit.ABOUT GAMEPLAY IN VR:
Built from the ground up for virtual reality; delve through lost treasures, deflect falling objects, hurl torches to light pathways, scale improvised ladders, and cross narrow bridges in the inky darkness of a fantastical subterranean world.


Aventura indie


Phantom Excursions LLC



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Abril 4, 2024

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