Universe Size Comparison VR (PC)

CAREFULLY! Strong motion sickness!

How small are you compared to Everest? What is bigger - electron or photon? What is the smallest object in the Universe? What is the size of the Universe itself?

Here you can fully experience the scale of objects in the Universe, comparing them with each other.

You'll be standing in the middle of nowhere, and different objects will appear around you next to each other, so you can experience the enormity of their scale firsthand. You yourself will lead the process of scaling the Universe. At any moment, you can stop and have a good look, comparing the objects in front of your eyes. After this, you can continue your journey to the microworld or to the macroworld at the desired speed. You will see all scales studied so far, from the Planck length to the observable Universe. It looks amazing in VR!


Martysh Oleksandr



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Abril 4, 2024

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