Bone and Arrow (PC)

Bone and Arrow asks the question: If you and your companions were left in a world with nothing but bones and arrows, how would you fare? Would you live on to fight the advancing waves of the skeleton army? Would you succumb to the bone hoard? Or perhaps you would be betrayed by an arrow through the noggin shot by a fellow archer. Grab your bow and arrows to find out!Well looky what we have here...Nobody said a post-apocalyptic fantasy world is an excuse to dress down. Customize your character to the nines with literally tens of options to choose from head to toe. You want to wear a lilac leather strappy number? Bam, you got it. How about golden metal cuirass with accompanying greaves and boots? Say no more. Full frontal nudity to strike fear into the enemy? That's actually a step too far, but might I suggest a tasteful loincloth instead?Can't we all just get along?Nope. Well, sort of. Create or join a room of up to 8 players and enjoy the absurd and violent shenanigans that can only be brought to you by full bodied VR characters. Face off in game modes such as death match, team death match and capture the flag to see whose aim reigns supreme.Can I set people on fire?These are the important questions every developer must ask themselves when setting out to make a game. And the answer should always be a resounding, "yeah, alright". Equip magical arrows and other power up items to give you the edge on the battlefield. Ignite, explode and electrocute your way to the top of the scoreboard.


Skew Back Studios



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