GizmoLab VR (PC)

GizmoLab - Your One-Stop Shop for Designing and Building Sci-Fi Devices/Machinery
GizmoLab VR is a VR sci-fi sandbox game where you can put your skills to the test to build crazy inventions, gizmos, doodads, and thingamabobs. As the new lab attendant, you and your robot assistant Whizzy can work together to create sci-fi machines that solve challenges, serve customers, and whatever else your heart desires.

Dynamic Wire Creation
Using the Wire Creator Tool, create wires between electrical components to create circuits. Switch between dynamic and static wires, allowing your components to move around and stay connected.

50+ Electrical Components!
GizmoLab features over 50 different pieces of hardware that can be wired together to accomplish a variety of tasks. Many of the devices are either identical or simplified versions of real-life electrical engineering equipment, allowing you to apply your GizmoLab skills to real life, or vice-versa!


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