Number Shoot VR (PC)

Number Shoot VR is a gun shooting VR game that you destroy approaching targets and use the enhancements and weapons you gain to score more points.
The six available weapons have different characteristics, and by using the right weapon you can destroy targets more efficiently.

Play time per session is 4 minutes!
Destroy targets at all costs and aim for a high score!Destroy Targets!Shoot targets with your weapon anyway! Destroy as many targets as you can and aim for a high score!
The choice of weapon enhancement is the key to a high score.
Destroy targets, enhance weapons!Enhancement system is introduced for weapons. Destroying a target will enhance the weapon.
Your Weapon will be enhanced Depending on the color of the destroyed target.
 (Red) Firepower
 (Purple) Rate of fire
 (Blue) Magazine ammunition number
 (Green) accuracy.Wipe out targets with explosions!Explosive weapons or black targets (bombs) can collectively damage a target!
but If you destroy a target with a lot of penalty targets ... around it...!
VRM avatar support!Unity-Chan VRM avatars are available by built-in!
In addition, external VRM avatars can be loaded from a file!


Acción Casual indie







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Marzo 23, 2024

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