VirtualBuster (PC)

welcome! “VirtualBuster” is a new level of action-adventure that brings the legendary arcade gun game to the realistic virtual reality (VR) world. Using both hands, you can enjoy a unique combat experience where you can slash enemies with a sword in one hand, block and deflect bullets, and hold a gun in the other hand to acquire items and switch to a special gun to kill robot criminals.


1. Combat experience in virtual reality: Using VR technology, players can become so immersed that it is difficult to distinguish it from reality. The thrilling battles that take place in various environments provide a sense of reality.

2. Missions and challenges of varying difficulty: While responding to various crime incidents occurring in each area of the city, players can improve their mission performance by performing missions of varying difficulty from easy to difficult.

3. Two-handed play: The player can cut enemies with a sword in one hand, block and deflect bullets, and use the other hand to kill enemies by switching between the basic gun and a special weapon that appears mid-play.

4. Special Weapons: In addition to basic knives and guns, acquire a variety of special weapons to gain the upper hand in the battle against robot criminals. Overwhelm powerful enemies with special abilities and tactical choices.

“VirtualBuster” provides an exciting experience that combines reality and virtuality. Become the city's hero against the darkness of crime!







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