Earthling of Gaia (PC)

Earthling of Gaia is played from the first person perspective in VR.

It does count as action game, because the core game mode is to defeat waves of enemies.

Your main weapon against the incoming enemies will be your earthbending skills. You can manipulate the earth around you by using the motion of your hands. Once an enemy is hit by a stone, he will be stopped.

The goal of the game is to defend your precious goddess Gaia. You will win, if you stop all incoming waves.

The game comes with different difficulty settings. If you are just here for role playing, you can play on easy mode. If you are here for a challenge, you can play on the impossible mode.

There are many different ways how to use your earthbending skills!

Watch the trailer for additional information about the earthbending system used in this game.

About me:
I am a young solo developer. I developed this game in my free time, while working a full time job. I did not study game development. All my knowledge comes from online tutorials.

Although I give my best to to deliver you the most impressive gaming experience, I cannot promise that I am able to fix all bugs or keep a high quality standard compared to other games.

Technical infos:
This game can only be played with a virtual reality headset and associated controllers for each hand.

There is only a single player mode.

This game is released as early access version. This means, that the game is not finished. Pls read the info box at the top of this page for additional information.





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