Puzzle Adventure VR (PC)

Immerse yourself in Puzzle Adventure VR. (。♥‿♥。)First VR twist on the classic block-matching game! Wield a wand to crush colorful blocks, navigating through increasingly complex puzzles. Perfect for all ages, 'Puzzle Adventure VR' enhances the familiar gameplay with intuitive controls and interactive elements. The game's vibrant graphics and soothing soundtrack create a relaxing atmosphere, making it ideal for both fun and cognitive stimulation. Experience the blend of nostalgia and innovation in this engaging VR puzzle journey.

The game is still in it's early access.
We will appreciate feedback - and rates :) You can make the game grow!

Explore the game and its challenging content (╯’□’)╯︵ ┻━┻ Beat 100 levels!
Explore different environments
Unlock new wands
Overcome engaging challenges
Join our community and be a part of the development! (*ゝω・)ノThanks!


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Marzo 22, 2024

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