Saturnine (PC)

SATURNINE is an immersive, interactive album by electronic artist Symbion Project. This meditative music-VR experience is powered by (m)ORPH - an abstract sonic environment that lets you create real-time mixes of songs.

Grab the floating sound-objects, called Orphs, and create your own lush spatial audio soundscapes where elements from the song (drums, vocals, strings, synths) sound like they are all around you. If you grab an Orph and bring it close to you it gets louder; Push it away from you and it gets quieter. This lets you interact with the songs in incredibly immersive and interactive ways that are far more powerful than just listening to the music passively.

Saturnine features all the songs on the 11th album by Symbion Project with vocals by Mars Nord (aka Markus Junnikkala). Imagery throughout Saturnine VR by photographer Cole Caswell. Saturnine is available for download and streaming via ~ thanks for your support!




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