Sort It! (PC)

'Sort It!' is a Virtual Reality psychology experiment developed by University of Oxford researchers. It is a one-time game, with 2 levels and takes 25 minutes to complete in total.
Your task is to copy an arrangement of objects depicted in a model display onto a workspace table by picking-up a series of objects from a resource table. You are free to look around the virtual room and pick up/place objects using the grabber tool. Be quick - You only have 45s to complete each arrangement.
The game was developed by researchers in the Adaptive Behaviour & Cognition Laboratory at the University of Oxford. We are interested in understanding in how humans solve complex tasks and how psychologists can use VR studies remotely to investigate this. Everyone is free to play this game. However, only if you've been in contact with us beforehand will your performance in the game be analysed as part of our research. If you would like to participate, please contact us with the email address provided.

Key Features:
Fully immersive, interactive VR gameplay.
Compatibility with all steam compatible VR headset devices.



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