Unearthed VR (Quest)

Unearthed VR
Unearthed VR
Unearthed VR
Unearthed VR Unearthed VR Unearthed VR
Battle with bears and protect your cubs, become a prowling jaguar, shrink in size to protect your fishy family from marauding piranhas, and even ride beetles into gigantic Amazonian flowers! Unearthed is a funny, impactful and inspirational adventure into the wild like never before, using incredible animal superpowers to find the missing Professor and save the world!

Harness your predator powers, your bow and arrows, and bio scanner in an attempt to complete your vital missions.

Don’t worry, you won’t be alone in this mission. On the journey are your haphazard robot guides, voiced by Richard Ayoade (Soul, The Mandalorian) and Sian Clifford (Fleabag) and the Professor, played by Indira Varma (Game Of Thrones, Obi Wan) as you travel through epic Amazon and Alaskan forests.

These robots will help you collect the animal and plant information you need to find the Professor. They believe she holds the key to protecting these ecosystems and saving the world... the rest is up to you.

• Amazon and Alaskan biomes to explore
• Animal superpowers to unlock.
• 6 large animal and plant adventures across every stage of the food chain
• Free roaming hubs to scan and collect
• Hilarious and illuminating storylines and dialogue
• 80+ plants and animals to discover
• Space age laboratory to store all rewards and discoveries


Factory 42 Limited