Genotype (PC)


In this Metroidvania FPS adventure, you explore an abandoned lab in Antarctica overrun by monstrous beasts. Print living creatures to use as weapons and survival tools, and take part in a fully voice-acted story as the facility’s sole survivor guides you through an alien ecosystem… but what role did he play in the research station’s downfall?

We’ve been hard at work since launch — and we’ve just released a huge update that greatly improves the combat! Some of the changes:

???? 5 new radically different weaponized creatures
???? New upgrade system giving you more choice in how you deal with enemies
???? Improved combat spaces to enhance your adrenaline flow
???? New enemies, fine-tuned behaviors, and better boss fights
???? Rebalanced loot amounts and ammo costs
???? Four difficulty settings
???? Many accessibility options
???? Even more lore to find in the facility
➕ Atmospheric synth-scapes, resolution equal to PCVR, and much more.

Morph into a tiny creature to go into narrow vents by using the Brainlink, or rip obstacles apart with the Grubber. The open world lets you move freely across interconnected maps. Open up new paths by unlocking new creatures to print or finding new items.

Slay enemies, then upgrade your weaponized creatures and the gloves that wield them. When the alien ecosystem fights back, the weapon creatures you print with your gloves will determine your survival.

Genotype is a beautiful Meta Quest 2 game, optimized and updated for Meta Quest 3 and Oculus Rift.


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Genotype (Quest)

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