Further (PC)

Embark on an odyssey beyond the stars in "Further," a spellbinding virtual reality adventure that defies the limits of space and imagination. Assume the role of Alex, a fearless protagonist thrust into an interstellar realm of trials, puzzles, and encounters with extraterrestrial entities.

Begin your cosmic escapade on the surface of an asteroid, overlooking the vast cosmic expanse. Armed with a powerful jetpack, your mission initially seems straightforward: repair communication antennas. Yet, as you delve into the heart of the failing station, you'll discover that your journey is merely the prologue to a captivating saga filled with unforeseen twists and challenges.

Navigate the mysteries of the cosmos through tests that test your intellect, stealth missions demanding cunning finesse, and intense first-person shooter battles against enigmatic alien adversaries. Unravel a narrative woven by a malevolent AI, offering assistance with hidden motives that will keep you on the edge of your VR seat.

"Further" is not just a game; it's a mesmerizing expedition where every choice and action shape the destiny of Alex. Will you triumph over cosmic challenges, unveil the enigma, and propel yourself "Further" into the unknown?

Key Features:

Immersive VR gameplay blending tests, puzzles, stealth, and FPS battles.
A narrative with unexpected twists and the enigmatic presence of a malevolent AI.
Dynamic environments set on an asteroid and within the deteriorating confines of a space station.
Intuitive controls and the freedom of movement with a jetpack, offering a truly unique VR experience.
Visually stunning, atmospheric design that pushes the boundaries of virtual reality.
Embark on an unforgettable journey where the cosmos becomes your playground. Your adventure begins in the heart of the celestial storm—prepare to venture "Further" than ever before.







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