Squirrel Day (PC) (PC)

Squirrel Day is a VR platformer about climbing, exploring, and collecting. Use your paws to crawl, jump, and grab to travel around the tree branches and collect the nuts as fast as possible.

-- Physics-based movement system. Move your hands to move your body. Push off of any surface to move in the opposite direction.

-- Use the index triggers to grab any surface.

-- Use the grip trigger to point and interact with your watch

-- Use watch to change display refresh rate (72 or 90Hz) and adjust snap turn angle or enable smooth turning

-- Use either thumbstick to rotate

-- Arrow indicator on watch will point to nearest nut.

-- Timer starts when first nut is collected.

ATTENTION! This is an early version. I'm still optimizing art and finishing up the level designs. Hope you enjoy it! Email granitetopgames@gmail dot com with any feedback or issues. Thanks!


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