Under Cover (Quest)

Under Cover: a Lightgun Cover Shooter inspired by arcade classics.
Duck to reload with the groundbreaking Active Cover System. Rack up solo or co-op high scores as Red-Eye or Magnum - two undercover agents too badass to stay undercover - in the action-packed buddy-cop campaign.

Your mission: infiltrate evil megacorp Infinidyne, take down CEO Pax Harrison, and shut down his mind-control technology before he turns billions into cybernetic meat puppets.

• Classic lightgun arcade action, made for VR.
• Take on Infinidyne solo with an AI partner or co-op with an online friend.
• Reload and dodge enemy fire like an action hero with the Active Cover System.
• Over-the-top cinematic action with explosions, bullet time, and environmental destruction.
• Retro score system rewards aim, speed, and chained kills.
• Use your skills, the environment, and a wide variety of special weapons to take out goons, advanced enemies, and Infinidyne bosses.

Are you ready to go Under Cover?