No More Rainbows (Quest)

No More Rainbows brings the fun of a classic platformer to VR. Use the intuitive locomotion mechanics to run, jump, and climb using only your hands.

As the Beast, rampage through colorful worlds to reclaim your desecrated Underworld. Extend your experience with 3v3 multiplayer game mode to become the world’s most respected beast!

- Play as the Beast of the Underworld and destroy happiness in a reversed good vs evil setting.

- Precise locomotion using only your hands and arms with tight platformer mechanics.

- A complete single player campaign with 4 unique worlds, 28 levels full of mini-games and secrets to uncover.

- Discover the lore through environmental storytelling and unforgettable boss encounters against your nemesis.

- Play an exciting multiplayer mode with or against friends, show off your skills in 12 different battle arenas.

- Personalize your beast with cosmetics and skins, over 1,000,000 possible combinations to choose from.

- Become the world's best speed demon through local and worldwide leaderboards for each level.

Relive your favorite classic platformer game nostalgia through this VR adventure!


Squido Studio


Squido Studio



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