Survival Nation (Quest)

Survival Nation is an open-world online RPG zombie survival game designed for VR.

To survive, you need to remember about food and water.
You can get food in many ways: by fishing, hunting, gathering, or scouring abandoned houses.

They say that cooperation is the key. It is no different here. Survival Nation is a game that focuses on multiplayer mode.
You can join other players and participate in a joint adventure and exploration of the world.

Survival Nation is not lacking in RPG elements either.
A whole bunch of missions and side activities are waiting for you.
You have at your disposal 3 unique skill trees, which you develop with each level you gain.

In addition to quests and many forms of food gathering mentioned earlier, there are many other activities.
You can search for items with a metal detector, climb on top of various spots, search for treasure using riddles, and much more.

Survival Nation offers a mass of diverse weaponry, starting from pistols and rifles up to bows.
Each weapon has not only different statistics but also a feeling and a way of reloading.

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