Block Buster (Quest)

DESTROY cities with your bare hands! Burn buildings! Toss tanks! Grab – and eat – people! Block Buster is dedicated to every Kaiju movie you’ve ever watched.

TEAR up the town with FIVE unique playable monsters: A giant ape, a radioactive lizard, a massive mecha, an angry prawn…or…a…badass butterfly…? Just go with it.

RAMPAGE through destruction-based scavenger hunts in five unique cities as you battle bosses and unlock hidden paths.

And when the smashing's done, go and build custom cosplay beasts in your ultimate Kaiju fan lair. Then invite friends over for a multiplayer hangout!

You like bullet points? So do we!

· 5 unique, playable monsters!
· 5 fully destructible cities to demolish!
· Hidden items and secret paths throughout each level!
· Over 200 collectible items and prizes for players to win!
· Build your beast with avatar and monster customization!
· Multiplayer via in-room hangouts!
· Awesome soundtrack by 8-bit Weapon and ComputeHer!


Happy Kamper Pictures LLC