Magitek VR (Quest) (APP LAB)

Gesture based elemental magic

Over 20 spells for fire, air and earth magic. Each class of magic behaves based on a set of physical properties each requiring different gestures and training to fully master.

Arena, Story and Sandbox

Battle waves of enemies in the arena and fight to get the top score on our leaderboards. Explore the world of Embra to solve puzzles, fight enemies and uncover the secrets of the Magitek technology. Or if you want to play around with the complex systems in Magitek, we have a detailed sandbox mode for that.

Interactive environment

Grass will ignite with fire, ice will melt, water will freeze and iron will heat up and spread heat. Use this to create creative ways to fight enemies and solve puzzles.

And much more!

Weapons and item: Over 10 weapons including; swords, spears, shields and archery. Magic fruit that can be eaten to give you magically boosts.

Physics based enemies: Push, pull and interact with enemies with both weapons and spells.

Story: Explore the world of Embra and uncover the secrets of a great cataclysm

RPG System: Power up spell properties to develop a character best suited to your play style

3 game modes: Arena, story and sandbox with more modes in development


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