Meditation Journey: VR Zen Garden (PC)

This Virtual Reality experience will take you into a beautiful garden, alive with wind, birds, butterflies, plants, flowers, water features, day/night cycles and more! Learn what meditation is, why to meditate, and different meditation techniques. Our guided spoken meditation that you will listen to in your garden will also teach you how to do it on your own, anywhere you are in life!

Learn to train your mind to relax and clear your thoughts which can help you focus better, get more work done and feel more alive. Learn about your mind-body connection and how improving your thoughts can make you feel less stressed and more at peace. A healthy mind can help your body work at top performance.

For less than the cost of one month gym membership, you can start working the most important muscle in your body, your brain!
Just under 20 minutes a day could change your life. Just like exercise, it takes practice and consistency to train your mind which we will teach and guide you through every step.

Start your journey now!





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Marzo 9, 2023

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