Spirit of retro arcade game meets virtual reality. Destroy all bricks to complete a level, and collect extra lives, power-ups, and stars to reach the highest scores. Instead of using a paddle, swing the striker, just like in Air Hockey. Enjoy Retrowave music while beating tons of levels and boss fights.

Classic stuff: tons of bricks, power-ups, levels, and bosses.
Bullet dodging and reflection: enemies are trying to shoot your VR head, which takes the challenge to a new level. Dodge bullets or reflect them into the enemy.

Smart boss fights: each boss requires a unique approach to defeat it. Most bosses have a second stage.

In-game level editor: a fun tool to try out your ideas. Make challenges for your friends.

Air Hockey: additional game mode with few setups and Power-Ups!

Flexible difficulty: 8 gameplay modifiers and 5 game difficulties are available. Play in your own style.

Quick room setup: mega easy to calibrate room. Just hold thumbstick button to set direction and table height. Only several seconds to do!


Fullmetal Developer



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