VR Workout (Quest)

Sprint. Squat. Jump. Crunch.

VR Workout is the FULL-BODY FITNESS app of the future.


▶️Experience complete freedom of movement with a totally controllerless, hands-free experience, bringing you the most comprehensive and effective workout in virtual reality.

▶️Move at your own pace, with intelligent exercise design that meets you where you’re at, and safely pushes you to the limit.

▶️Choose from eight immersive environments, from the heights of a glowing city skyline to the depths of a luminous cave.

▶️Or use our state of the art mixed reality mode, with the full clarity of your immediate surroundings to support you.

▶️Meet up with friends across the globe with our multiplayer experience, where you can challenge each other in competitive motion through a custom workout of your own design.

▶️Level up with our live classes, where you can push yourself in a group setting with one of our experienced instructors.

Happy. Healthy. Social. Global. We do this together. ????

We Are Movement.


XRWorkout Inc


XRWorkout Inc.