Unification (Quest) (APP LAB)

Unification is a VR parkour gravity-shifting roguevania. Descend from the orbital factory into the layers of the black hole engine. Explore vibrant shifting architectures in a harmony of momentum and destruction... assuming you’re able to overcome the traps and inhabitants in your path.

- Fluid and powerful physics-based movement: Feel momentum and the wind rushing past while leaping into chasms, vaulting over ledges, weaving around traps, and shifting gravity at will.
- Kinetic tools propelling you forward: Swing above traps with a grappling hook, or glide past with a parachute. Go in guns blazing with a shotgun, or slice with a katana. Forge a new path with a jackhammer, or warp through with a teleporter.
- Procedural destructible biomes filled with traps and enemies: Navigate through voxel cave obstacle courses with branching paths that test your reactions, knowledge, and control. Feel free to explore the depths and get lost. The handheld mini-map and conveniently placed teleporters make it easy to quickly get back on track.
- Dreamlike upgrades: Push the limits of physics and imagination during the journey to the core with fundamental changes to the game mechanics
- Carefully crafted controls and haptics: Each action is positioned on the controllers to allow effortless simultaneous usage of all movement and tool capabilities, inducing a flow state of control.


CrushPoint Games


Troy Spencer



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Unification (PC)