ARTO (Quest) (APP LAB)

Don't know how to draw a body, a camel, a car...?
Never mind!

ARTO is a drawing game for everyone who likes to be creative. Everyone from beginners to professional graphic artists will enjoy drawing. In ARTO you will find everything you need to create your own great creations. The game contains nine themed scenes and more than 1200 templates that you can freely place and combine. In the relaxing scenes, there are canvases for creating beautiful mandalas and mirror drawings.
You can instantly share each of your creations using several saving methods.
Enjoy ARTO and we look forward to seeing your creations.

- drawing crayon
- drawing extender
- many color palettes
- standing / sitting mode
- line tool
- load/save
- undo/redo 25 steps
- mirror drawing
- mandalas
- movable ladders and stepladders
- hundreds of posable stencils
- 8 thematic scenes
- 8 themed music playlists
- gallery scene (YOUR presentation)
- screenshot from eyes
- canvas screenshot
- easy share

Best regards,


kyb3r s.r.o.