VReken (PC)

VRekken is a physics driven Beat' em Up bulit for VR.

Have you ever missed complex moves or critical hits in the game because of bad controls?
Have you ever wanted to execute your signature jumping roundhouse kick in the game?
Have you ever felt that you can fight better in a fighting game than controlling a player?
Have you ever played a fighting game and wishing you were there?
Have you ever wanted to express your anger?
Or perhaps you want to practice your fighting skills without getting in trouble or hit for real?

This is your chance!

- Free VR fighting with hands, headbutt and feet (if you have 2 additional trackers)
- Motion captured enemy fighting moves
- Enemies with different skill levels
- Enemies can hit each other as well as player
- Physical reactions and animations
- Ragdoll animations
- Slow motions
- Smartwatch menu system
- Blocking

VReken should work with most of the headsets and controllers: Oculus, HTC, Valve Index, HP Reverb etc. If you encounter any issues please let us know. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. The goal is to get as many headsets and controllers working as possible.

Steam Playtest sessions in February 2023
Early Access planned at the end of March 2023


Acode Studios


Acode Studios



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