VRFS - Football (soccer) simulator (Quest) (APP LAB)

VRFS is a community-driven football simulator with focus on realistic physics and competitive online multiplayer.

Here are the main features of VRFS:

FOOTBALL PHYSICS SIMULATION: A player can perform almost any trick from balancing the ball on the tip of the foot to executing curved power shots and long passes. The ball's trajectory is solely determined by physics engine.

COMPETITIVE ONLINE MODE: The multiplayer architecture allows for an immediate response when a player touches the ball. For example, it is possible to finish a powerful cross at the same speed as in real football, even if the connection is not perfect.

COMFORT: Players move around using thumbsticks and can play in a seated or standing position. No intense hand movement is required.

NO PAY-TO-WIN in VRFS: only skills matter. No one can buy "stronger kicks" or "faster boots." Keep practicing, and you'll feel how you improve.

FREE FOR ALL: Players have full access to the game with no need to purchase anything. However, if you wish, you will be able to buy cool equipment in the store, thus supporting the further development of this project (paid equipment coming soon)

Please, bear in mind that VRFS is still in development, including upcoming upgrades to the physics and scenery. We'd appreciate your suggestions regarding any enhancements.




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