Papaye Bang Bang VR (Quest)

Papaye Bang Bang VR (PBBVR) is a first-person shooter (FPS) with slingshots and special ammo in versus mode! Team up with up to two friends against other players! The flashy colorful 3D maps and the set of wacky characters to imitate are inspired by America from North to South.

Kayass, the ammo, is diverse and has many effects! Players can choose which Kayass they want to use in the battlegrounds!

PBBVR allows the player to use the analogue stick to slide their character along predefined tracks. There are multiple tracks the player can use to jump around the map and attack their opponents where they least expect them!

Hunt down your opponents in a variety of maps and you may become the target if you earn the most points. Create your combos, unlock characters, and outfits!

Real-time 1v1, 2V2, 3V3 FPS
10 playable characters
20 kayass
30 Colored maps
Manage your wanted points and change leagues


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