GUNS (Quest) (APP LAB)

Welcome to target shooting at our friendly, target-rich farm! This sandbox shooting range gives you 8 weapons and various targets to try them on, with accurate ballistics and weapon mechanics.

Rifles: AR-15 semi-auto 5.56 - Dragunov semi-auto 7.62 - M24 bolt action .308
Shotguns: SPAS-12 12G - Benelli M4 12G
Handguns: M1911 .45 - Glock 17 9mm - Desert Eagle .50
Red dot or telescopic sights can be fitted.

Short and long ranges with:
- plinking and destructible targets,
- scoring targets, moving or stationary,
- clay pigeons, trap and skeet,
- some chickens,
- a 3-gun range,
and more!

Use the shot timer or shoot at leisure! Accurate ballistics (per ammunition type) and loading mechanics. Install size is around 120 MB. 120 Hz works on the Quest 2 if enabled there in Settings/Experimental features!

This game has a free demo to try - GUNSdemo on App Lab..All comments are welcome - see also for bug reports, ideas, or general questions!

Also tested on Quest 1.


Pellas Innovation