Spherum Volumetric Player (PC)

Spherum Metaverse is a Next-Gen Web3 Metaverse with Volumetric avatars. By combining the best of both VR and the Volumetric technology, Spherum enables new ways of communication and interaction. Spherum users can walk and explore a new three-dimensional world, view and interact with new content appearing on the platform, and explore new features of Volumetric video.

Spherum metaverse enables users to curate, discover, and have meaningful interactions on the metaverse in a way that was not possible before.

We do volumetric video or volumetric capture. We’ve captured athletes, musicians, and public figures. We pride ourselves on extremely high-quality, high-resolution capture — the closest thing to standing next to, or sitting across from, or observing the real person. Looking to the future, there are also aspects of live volumetric video on the horizon where we’re broadcasting musicians or performances into the metaverse  live.

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