Golden Gloves VR (Quest) (APP LAB)

Play, train and compete with Golden Gloves VR. Building on 100 years of history, we’re proud to bring the most recognizable brand in boxing into the digital world. Train like a fighter in our virtual gym, as you immerse yourself in the most realistic boxing experience you’ll find outside of a brick and mortar facility. Starting as a novice boxer, you’ll follow a career path, working your way through the ranks to become a Golden Gloves Champion. Developed by Engine Room VR, a gaming company owned and operated by a licensed and certified boxing coach, promoter, and gym owner, Golden Gloves VR is designed to create a realistic boxing experience. Learn the fight styles and personalities of each of your opponents as you advance through the ranks, perfecting your own boxing skills. Train for competition, using our state-of-the art boxing equipment, with physics that perfectly mimic the real world experience. Enhance your virtual training with our online support.


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