Exit Condition One Early Access (Quest) (APP LAB)

Note: This game is currently in early access. It is fully playable and fun, with around 2 hours of play time. A target of 3-4 hours of playtime and a price of $9.99 is planned for the finished game.

You awake from cryo in a weird sort of museum. A robot refers to you as a curator and the security system is malfunctioning. Can you get things back to normal and escape? There are no jump scares. The game is designed ground-up for roomscale VR on the Quest, but supports all locomotion modes. Most objects can be interacted with, it fully uses physics, and the hands don't "ghost out."

You'll need to solve puzzles that include drone navigation, crafting, routing power, rewiring circuits, climbing, physically navigating mazes, and dancing. Some puzzles will have you moving in and out of AR and VR within the game itself. There are four main rooms and the final room is a "boss level" that contains the largest variety of puzzles.

There is still a bit of placeholder art and the story aspects are still in progress. Before purchasing, consider trying the polished demo, which is a single room with about 30 minutes of playtime. Updates can be expected at least twice a month and usually more often than that.



Damon Poole


Damon Poole