Federation77 (PC)

Federation77 is a brutal and dynamic VR shooter in various arenas in a post-Soviet cyberpunk setting that brings the concept of violence and stimulants to the forefront.

2077, the city of M, the territory of the Federation. The country is still reeling from a war it started. You are a cyberpsycho, whose program has crashed due to a "Taras-Kulish" fatal error that encourages you to kill. It's time to clear the streets of dirt.

Main features:

Ultra violence is the goal
Violence is a core game concept in which killing enemies and dismembering them is the only way to the top of the leaderboard.

High dynamic combat
Adrenaline-fueled firefights will not let you get bored. For a successful game session you constantly have to move, kill enemies and dodge bullets.

Set of game modes
There are several different game modes in the game, which give your unique experience and are woven into the narrative of the game.

Variety of the game content
A diverse arsenal with the different types of weapon behavior, different enemy factions with their own features, the set of game maps.







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