Wallball (Quest) (APP LAB)

Wallball is a new, fast-paced VR racket sports game where your goal is to hit the ball with your racket past your opponent into the goal while preventing them from hitting the ball past you for a goal.

Not quite tennis. Not quite ping pong. Not quite racketball. Wallball will have your heart pumping as your opponent smashes the ball off all four walls trying to put it past you to score points. Are you up to the task to defend your goal and hit the ball back past your opponent into their goal?

Get ready for a workout! Matches are best-of-3 sets. Each set is played to 11 points and you must win each set by at least two points.

Sweat your way through all 40 opponents starting with Joker’s Wild and ending with the diabolical Murder Hornet.

See how long of a streak you can reach on the Rally Streak game. Getting to 10 isn’t too tough. But 100? Now that’s a challenge!

Customize opponents to slow down the speed or to play at blazing-fast speeds.

Four levels of opponent difficulty offer an experience for everyone, from a racket sports beginner to a seasoned tennis or ping pong pro.


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