BLR80 (PC)

The PlotOJI, headquartered in Bangalore, India; is a mega-corporation, with interests affecting nearly every level of consumer need, society and government. Originally focused on communications and military technologies, new ventures have expanded into consumer products, biological synthetics, surveillance and law and order enforcement contracts.

OJI has over the decades been stealthily upgrading their human neural-link technologies with the intention of subliminally and remotely controlling biological systems. And with a majority of the human population augmenting their abilities with brain-compute interfaces, the threat of subverting human will, became real.

With the upcoming release of OJI’s neural link firmware upgrade, their plans to dominate will commence.

The Game:You get 23 minutes to infiltrate the mainframe computers.

A task made difficult with OJI's bots hunting you down. Luckily, you have the Kattmakkan, a 5-in-1 weapon to make quick work of the bots.

But still, do you have what it takes to outsmart the bots, get to the science station, get past the bosses, beat the guardian, update the mainframe patch and save 18 million people - all under 23 minutes?

Gameplay:23 minutes to complete the mission.
Auto save-points after boss fights.
Replayable with minor randomization.
Weave through crowds as you pursue and take on bots.
Straight forward action shooter.
Unique Features:Indian-city visuals-and-audio Scape.
A crowded, populated Indian-street vibe in VR.
Intelligent and challenging bots for enemies.
Boss fights with a unique kill strategy for each boss.
Short and focused gameplay duration.
Original Indian rap sound track


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