Constellation Domination (Quest) (APP LAB)

A beautiful VR RTS style game set in deep space. Perfect for when you just want to chill out on the lounge, pop into VR and conquer some galaxies!

The game at its core is simple:
1. Upgrade your planets so that they produce more asteroids.
2. Take over empty planets to expand your army.
3. Wipe out the enemy to conquer the solar system.
but you will be surprised how challenging simple game mechanics can be with the right constellations. A good strategy and fast hands are a must to be able to dominate this galaxy.

The game has movement mechanics that allow you to float around the galaxy whilst sitting in your favourite chair, but it also works perfectly whilst standing or in room scale so that you can run around your house attacking planets and wreaking havoc on the enemy.


Wayde Brown AB


Wayde Brown AB