Bull3000VRTS (PC)

RTS and VR very rare combo i call it VRTS.
Bull3000VRTS is set in an dystopia future scenario in the year 3000.
The ultimate PvP VR Strategy Arcade Battle Desert.
Take controll of your Units and aim manually with your VR hands, the better you aim the better your army will perform! or just out think your opponent with strategy and counter his Units that you have an advantage in battle.

Sci-fi futuristic warfare in Urban Deserts with lots of classic unit Types like main battle tanks, Rocket Artillery, Infantry, Helicopter, Airforce and even advanced Melee units protected by physic based directional shilds from Alien Technology.

Move Units by placing Ghosts connected to the Units where u want your Units to move to.
no need to click with 300 apm: just easy smart simple VR controlls needed: think which unit needs your leadership the most and take over its weappons by touching its Ghost. no fog of war, it is a full information game.




Rob Gaming


Robin Krause



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Agosto 22, 2022

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