PianoVision (Quest) (APP LAB)

Become a PianoVisionary. The next evolution of the world's most popular instrument.

PianoVision accelerates your piano learning using Passthrough AR and hand tracking. Connect a MIDI keyboard or play on a flat surface with the Air Piano!

PianoVision Features
- Sheet Music Insight to learn sight-reading
- Multiplayer Concerts
- MIDI keyboard connectivity
- Air piano for those without physical pianos
- Upload custom songs using the Desktop App
- Multiplayer Music Instruction
- PianoVision Music Hall in VR (and more halls to come!)
- Indicators to show you what fingers to play with for select songs
- Built in Courses

How to connect your MIDI keyboard:
1. A USB cable from the keyboard to the Quest
2. Or, you can download the Desktop App from http://www.pianovision.app, connect your keyboard to your PC via USB, and connect the PC to the Quest using the WiFi Connect Code inside the PianoVision Quest App