STRANGER is a PC First Person Thriller horror game with VR support developed by the indie developer and maker of SafeZoneVR. Gameplay: You will be defending your house against a STRANGER. Make use of the 2 provided locks and find the 1 Perma-Lock, lock the windows when you hear/see the STRANGER out the windows. Make it to 6 am when the police arrive to find yourself uncovering the mystery that lies behind this STRANGER.

You can choose different levels of difficulty and choose from different maps and uncover the story of your player, the STRANGER, and more. Hidden stories and lore-driven cryptic messages will be left to be discovered.

Immersive Experience: Realistic graphics and spatial audio will have you on your toes and your computer running well with the new UNREAL ENGINE 5 next-gen engine and RTX capability, giving you peak quality with little performance risk.

NonLinear Gameplay: The same thing will never happen twice, replay-ability and new events and an intelligent enemy will give you weeks of gameplay

Deep Story: For lore enthusiasts and mystery enthusiasts you will have to dig deep with the given information to help unravel the mystery behind the unknown STRANGER, hidden items, rare events (easter eggs), photos/trailers/audio cryptic messages to be discovered and much more. (Join the discord community to work together:

Much Much MORE waiting to be discovered with over 20 hours of gameplay and much more with replayability!



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Agosto 11, 2022

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