Team Ice Cream VR (PC)

Team Ice Cream VR plops you down on an island to make ice cream to hordes of customers. Either go it alone as a solo ice cream maestro taking on the world of ice cream in VR or get assistance from a friend playing on the PC.

When playing co-op, only the assistant playing on PC can see the customers' orders, so better sharpen your communication skills! Prepare for hours of hectic fun!

Get Money - Make sure the ice cream you deliver to the customer is quick and tasty and your tip jar will fill up nicely. Fail to deliver a cone up to the customer's standards, however, and your reputation may take a hit.

Get Good - Making the perfect cone of soft serve isn't as easy as it looks! Scoops come with their own challenges, too, as some customers may want multiple flavors in a single ball.

Get Help - Play as The Assistant on PC to help the Maestro out. You get to perform noble tasks such as attracting customers, taking orders and keeping seagulls away from tables!

Get Fancy - Show off with an outfit only fit for ice cream royalty such as yourself or go wild and express your artistic side, it's all up to you. Of course, you can only dress in what you can afford.Features Day & Night Cycle - Work from dawn 'til dusk
Ice Cream Physics - Drop your ice cream and watch it slop on the ground
Local Co-Op - Have a friend on the PC help you out, everything is more fun together
Player Customization - Make your character your own
Tip System - Earn money from tips to buy upgrades that help your game
Upgrades - Buy upgrades that help you earn more tips, faster


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Team Ice Cream



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