BlockStar VR (PC)

BlockStar VR is a VR shooter where you put your reflexes to the test by shooting blocks and completing challenges in an action-packed futuristic tournament. Play the 40-mission story mode and show that you have what it takes to flex on the leaderboard!

Experience what it’s like to be a rising star in a harsh futuristic world aboard the BlockStar space station. Use your unique weapons, crazy power-ups and imaginative bonuses against changing patterns and indestructible obstacles. Beat them all!

Unlock a varied arsenal as you progress, from shotguns to ray guns, from shields to bazookas, from grenades to tennis balls. Shoot too much and your weapon might overheat, shoot too little and the cubes will get you! Can you stop them or do they stop you?

- Shooting VR game with unique weapons
- Crazy power-ups and imaginative bonuses
- 40 missions in different arenas
- Optional challenges and various play modes including Survival and Puzzle
- Storyline presented by in-game commentators and 360° cutscenes
- Robo assistant 087 helping you to progress in the tournament (mostly)
- Occasional WTF moments


Immersive Division


Steam Oculus

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Abril 22, 2024

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