“Let’s start a Journey! To our tomorrow!”

As a member of the renowned RUINSMAGUS Guild, your goal is to help strengthen it with magic, resources – and wisdom! – as you embark on more than 25 unique, story-driven quests. Face off against guardians tasked with protecting the ruins from intruders – and solve the deadly puzzles hidden within. When you've succeeded, head to the surface to acquire new items and upgrade your equipment in town – if you want to live another day, that is!

Jack In: Immersive VR mechanics bring your character to life.

Make your Mark: More than 25 story-driven quests to challenge your skills.

Feel the Power: Unleash 16 unique spells from the palm of your hand.

Defend Yourself: Raise your shield with your non-casting hand to block enemy attacks.

Explore and Fight: Cast and blink your way through a stunning VR fantasy world.

Load Up: Equip armor, gauntlets, and shields to stack the odds in your favor!




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