Police Response VR Disturbance (Quest) (APP LAB)

*This is a stationary standing experience only*

Experience an original cartoon reality.
The Disturbance is set at 1 address, you take on whatever is presented before you.
Have you got the weapon drawing skills to cope in pressure situations?

In this game, you don't have the option to run away
During the scenarios, you choose the right time to react if required without using excessive force in order to progress through the ranks. You the officer have to dynamically risk assess the situation you're faced within this game

Easy Mode - rookie play through allows you to draw weapons without failing. This is set as the default

Normal Mode - professional play through allows you to play the game as originally intended
Circumstances are likely to change extremely quickly to test if you can react to any situation

You're armed with a side arm pistol, taser, pepper spray and handcuffs
Complete your 30 years and reach your retirement locker.

Are you ready to respond officer?


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