Zen Monkeys (Quest) (APP LAB)

The first rule of Zen is "Do One Thing At A Time". Zen Monkeys is a Zen-like playground to quiet your mind, relax, and hang. Build chains of Zen Monkeys in a peaceful and serene environment that is fun and calm.

Zen Monkeys is a simple straight forward experience in VR. A peaceful place to chill, climb, and hang.

Zen-Monkeys features:

- Unlimited Physics Based Zen Monkeys: Use as many as you'd like!

- A completely climbable set of Monkey Bars to hang your Zen Monkeys.

- Dual-wield squirt guns to shoot down the chains you've created.

Zen Monkeys is a fun and relaxing getaway from school, work, chores or anything. So release your Zen!


John Ray Games


John Ray Games